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Grandstreet Theatre School helps develop young actors between the ages of 5 and 18. Students attend classes once a week during the school year with others in the same age group.

Grandstreet’s Theatre School expands student skills in character development, improvisation and playmaking while providing practical experience in rehearsal techniques. Class work is aimed at building character – both on and off the stage.

The Theatre School’s goal is to provide training that inspires creative thinking, self-confidence, effective communication skills, fluid movement and vocal control. Each student receives training in acting, voice and diction, singing, movement, dance improvisation, musical theatre and directing.

Attending Grandstreet’s Theatre School Sessions I and II qualifies the student to audition for the popular Christmas show running in December.

Scholarships and awards are earned by auditioning with song and/or monologue adjudicated by independent judges. Those enrolled in the theatre school qualify for audition-based scholarships and awards that are presented to winners at the theatre school banquet in May of each year.

For further information on the Grandstreet Theatre School, contact the school’s director of education, Marianne Adams, at 442-4270 or [email protected]


High School Monday 3:45-5:30
7th – 8th Monday or Thursday 3:45-5:30
5th – 6th Wednesday 3:45-5:30
5th – 6th “48 Hours to Curtain” **
Wednesday 3:45-5:30
3rd – 4th Tuesday 3:45-5:30
3rd – 4th “Words by Kids” **
Thursday 3:45-5:30
K – 2nd Tuesday or Wednesday 3:45-5:15

** you must have at least one year of theatre school or two summer sessions to sign up for these classes


Session I – September 10 – Nov 1, 2018
Session II – November 5 – January 14, 2019
Session III – January 22 – March 14, 2019
Session IV – March 18 – May 16, 2019

*48 Hours to Curtain – September 12 – May 15
*Words by Kids – September 13- May 16

Payment is due at the time of registration

*48 Hours to Curtain
This is a class for advanced 5th and 6th graders willing to make a commitment to the entire year.  These classes are performance based.  Students must have completed at least one year of theatre school or two summer sessions.  Students must be able to complete the entire year.

*Words by Kids
This is a class for advanced 3rd & 4th graders.  It is assumed that they come into class knowing their stage directions and a monologue.  This class explores adapting the work of other 3rd and 4th graders to the stage and touring the schools in the Spring. Students must be able to complete the entire year.


Session I – $120.00

Session II – $120.00

Session III – $120.00

Session IV – $120.00

Words by Kids – 4 payments of $120.00*

48 Hours to Curtain – 4 payments of $120.00*


  • $15.00 off per session  for second child or second class
  • $35.00 off per session for third child or third class
  • 10 percent discount if you pay for all sessions (one school year) ($432.00)
  • set up an automatic payment plan and receive 5 percent off (nine $50.00 monthly payments) contact the box office 406 442-4270
    No refunds or credits should you withdraw before the end of the school year.
  • Five percent discount if you pay for two sessions at a time. ($228.00)

After School Theatre School FAQ's

How do I sign up?

You can:

  • download a form and mail it in
  • fill out a form in the Grandstreet office
  • call and have a form mailed
  • or sign up online!

How do I make payments?

You can:

  • mail a check
  • call or stop by and put in on Visa, Discover, Mastercard or American Express
  • pay in cash at the office
  • or pay when signing up online

Do I have to pay a registration fee for each session?

No.  We do not have a registration fee.

If my child drops out before the end of the session do I get my tuition money back?

No.  Sorry, teachers are hired at the beginning of the session based on the number of children enrolled.

Can I make payments?

Payments can be arranged for the longer sessions, however, full payment will be billed even if your child does not complete the session.

Which holidays do you take off?

We take the same holidays as Helena District 1 School.  We do not prorate for holidays.

Will my child be in a performance?

Most of our classes are not performance oriented however, on the last class of each session there will be an opportunity to see what they have been working on.  Some classes are performance oriented and those classes will perform in the late Spring.

Can I observe or come to class with my child?

We do not encourage parents or visitors in class except on the last class of each session.  Once someone is observing the class suddenly the work in class becomes a performance which is not the intention for that day.  If you still would like to visit class we would ask that you participate in all activities and excercises.   Thanks for understanding.

How does my child know how to audition for the Christmas Show?

In order to audition for the christmas show you must be signed up for Sessions I and II,  each parent must read the orientation packet, sign and fill out the conflict sheet.  The child must prepare a song and a monologue, get an 8×10 color photo (headshot), and resume and complete their crew points.  The orientation packet goes into more detail.

Does my child have to audition for the Christmas Show?

Absolutely not.  The only classroom work that is related to the this production is audition techniques.  All rehearsals for this production are done in the evenings.

How do you communicate with the parents?

We communicate almost exclusively through emails and newsletters posted online.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes.  We have a scholarship fund from several sources – The Student Assistance Foundation, Captial City Optimists, Kiwanis Club, Alumni Scholarship fund, fundraising efforts, private donations and concession sales.  Applications deadline is September 1st.  Talent based scholarships are offered for currently enrolled students.  Auditions for these scholarships are the last weekend in April.

Headshots and resumes

All students are required to have an 8×10 color headshot and an 8×10 resume stapled on the back.  We provide a wonderful photographer (Kurt Keller) twice a year but you can have anyone you want take the photo.

Where are classes held?

All students should enter and exit from the Lawrence Street door at the back of the theatre.  The classes are held in various locations in the building and in our studio (328 N.Fuller Ave).