Register Now-Grandstreet Theatre School 2024-2025

🎭 **Announcing Grandstreet Theatre School Classes for the 2024-2025 School Year!** 🎭

Are you ready to embark on a journey of creativity, self-expression, and theatrical discovery? Join us for Grandstreet Theatre School’s After-School Classes for the upcoming academic year!

🌟 **Who:** Students from Kindergarten through high school
🌟 **What:** Grandstreet’s Theatre School offers an array of enriching classes aimed at nurturing creativity, confidence, and communication skills.
🌟 **Where:** Grandstreet Theatre, the heart of theatrical excellence in our community.
🌟 **Why:** Because every child deserves the opportunity to explore their potential, build character, and shine both on and off the stage!

**What We Offer:**
🎭 **Character Development:** Dive into the world of characters, exploring their motivations, quirks, and complexities.
🎭 **Improvisation:** Learn to think on your feet, unleash your imagination, and embrace the spontaneity of performance.
🎭 **Playmaking:** Discover the joy of creating stories from scratch, from brainstorming to scriptwriting to stage production.
🎭 **Rehearsal Techniques:** Master the art of preparation, collaboration, and refinement in the rehearsal process.

**Our Approach:**
At Grandstreet Theatre School, we believe in more than just teaching theatre skills. We aim to cultivate well-rounded individuals who are poised, articulate, and creatively empowered. Our classes are designed to inspire:
✨ Creative Thinking
✨ Self-Confidence
✨ Effective Communication Skills
✨ Fluid Movement
✨ Vocal Control

**Class Structure:**
📚 **Grade-Specific Classes:** Tailored to suit the developmental needs of each age group.
📚 **Weekly Sessions:** Dive deep into the world of theatre with regular classes throughout the school year.
📚 **Three Sessions:** One in the fall and two in the spring, ensuring ample opportunities for growth and exploration.
📚 **Varied Curriculum:** From improv to playwriting, from singing to directing, there’s something for everyone!
📚 **Flexible Options:** Most classes are available by session, while some require a full-year commitment for those eager to take their skills to the next level.


5% discount for siblings (off each sibling)
5% discount for a student signing up for 2 sessions
10% discount for a student signing up for 3 sessions

Early Bird Discounts:
10% off if registered before May 17, 2024
5% off if registered before July 27, 2024