Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Disney’s NEWSIESBetween in-person auditions and virtual submissions, we saw over 450 people! While that makes us feel so proud to work for a theatre that has that many people wanting to work with us, it makes casting incredibly difficult. We narrowed it down from 450 to 38. While this news may be disappointing to some, please know that it was not a reflection of your talent or potential as an actor. The decision was based solely on the specific needs of the production.

Please don’t let this discourage you. Your talent and passion for acting are undeniable, and we encourage you to continue pursuing your dreams.


NEWSIES Cast List:

Jack: Maddox Bane
Davey: Evan Owen
Katherine: Elsie Harrington
Medda Larkin/Nun: Vera Brown
Crutchie: Quincey Higgins*
Race: Alex Pletikapich
Les: Owen Carr
Ensemble (U/S Les): Vivian George-Peretto
Albert: Ryan Rudel
Buttons: Leah Leonard*
Elmer: Ashlyn Grasmick*
Finch: Jade Zickefoose
Henry (U/S Davey): Leslie Carr*
Ike: Liberty Glatz*
Jo Jo: Adeline Andersen*
Mike: Ella McCullough*
Mush: Drew Tremblay
Romeo: Robby Felber*
Specs: Jason Sekili
Splasher: Freya Elias*
Spot Conlon: Emerson Poole*
Scab 1/Refuge Kid/Newsie Ensemble: Micah Anderson*
Scab 2/Refuge Kid/Newsie Ensemble: Gracie Petersen*
Scab 3/Refuge Kid/Newsie Ensemble: Ansleigh Held*
Newsie ensemble (U/S Crutchie & Henry): Hailey Cox
Darcy/Guard/Goon: Layna Newhouse*
Bill/Goon/Stage Hand: Donny Shire*
Pulitzer: Bayard Leonard
Oscar Delancey: Will Menden*
Morris Delancey: Dalton Hudoba
Camera Man/Stage Manager: Cyrus Wright
Snyder:Kaden Connor
FEMALE ENSEMBLE 1 – Nun / Hannah / Bowery Beauty/Newsie Ensemble: Erika Foot
FEMALE ENSEMBLE 2 – Nun / Woman Customer/ Bowery Beauty: Hailey Elwood
MALE ENSEMBLE 1 – Wiesel/ Mr. Jacobi / Mayor : Blaine O’Tolls
MALE ENSEMBLE 2 – Seitz/Tommy Boy: Brandon Taylor
MALE ENSEMBLE 3 – Bunsen/Newsie Ensemble: Mackenzie Jones
MALE ENSEMBLE 4 – Nunzio / Policeman / Roosevelt: Daniel Rosenberg

*indicates members of the Grandstreet Theatre Summer Conservatory