Grandstreet Theatre

Word on the Street: March

Dear Friends,

Things are moving right along over here at Grandstreet. The theater has been crazy with activity … and I use the word “crazy” in the best way possible.

Let’s start with the closing of Our Town. It’s always bittersweet when a show comes to an end, and that was certainly true for our beautiful production of Our Town.

Last October in The Addams Family, Fred Cobb sang a song to Savannah Smith (his onstage daughter) called “Happy / Sad” about the simultaneous joy and sorrow of moving on. Ending a production is kind of like “Happy / Sad”; the set comes down, the costumes are put away, and the actors take their final bow. But luckily, the production will live on in the memories of everyone who was there to see it. Grandstreet is very proud of this production and I say BRAVO to everyone involved!



Fun fact and a special congratulations to Leisa Smith (pictured above on the right with Trista Glazier), who was the only actor in both Grandstreet productions of Our Town. She was in the ensemble of our original production in 1975 and just finished her performance as Mrs. Webb a few weeks ago! Pictured below are Dorothy Harper and Leisa’s mother Vicki Smith who also played Mrs. Webb! Both these lovely ladies were in attendance for our opening night performance along with Steve Harper who played George Gibbs. How cool is that?



Believe it or not, a completely different show has opened and closed since my last newsletter. Congratulations to Dee Smith and the cast and crew of Sideways Stories From Wayside School on their hilariously fun studio theater production. I love this show. I think it is a fantastic adaptation of the children’s book series and the script makes me laugh out loud. The cast did too. Favorite moments include Mariah Thomas rotating through a handful of completely different characters and costumes (each one more bizarre than the other) and the disco dance skills of Josh Mills … I’m laughing right now just thinking about it.




tOVZp_E7zkVpkZN5cnd3gL6KuIgCAz4Ophqu2I0cc-JBBXU0SB4__KvnefPK_O2DcZQJiO9qllFURhR3TN-9vpOGgRBzZ9Y5NtAtfLxdD7IxRTrGmYdWVszz1RqcdnAM_WJKjVdxHlYNVePhG_09Cfu81QSnf99QIwJnc-QmF6pYOGg2ned_l-B0D6yvHLpebOKX4CEOM0B7EXTp6Egf6SajXfwLYRehearsals are in full swing for She Loves Me and we are having a blast. My cast is amazing and talented and we had a really strong act one run through last week. I can’t wait for our audiences to see it. A lot of theater people call She Loves Me one of musical theatre’s best kept secrets, and it’s always fun to share a wonderful show that isn’t very well known. Denise Gianoulias is designing costumes for the ladies and they are incredible. More on that in next month’s newsletter 🙂


And finally … it’s that time of year: we are almost ready to announce our 2015 / 16 season! This year will mark our 40th anniversary, so It’s a wonderful time to celebrate Grandstreet and all the people who make magic in this building. I hope you can join us at the Season Launch Party on Sunday, April 12th and be among the first audience to hear the incredible line up for next year. I have an amazing cast of performers who will be presenting a snippet or two from every show in the 2015 / 16 season and it’s going to be a blast. Hope to see you there!

Jeff Downing