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VIRGINIA WOOLF press release

PRESS RELEASE: Dec 30, 2009
REPEAT UNTIL: Jan 30, 2010



Jan 15-30, 2010, Thurs – Sat at 8 pm
Sunday matinee: Jan 24 at 2 pm

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Artistic Director STEPHEN ALEXANDER marks the end of his three-year tenure at Grandstreet Theatre, directing one of America’s greatest plays, WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? Written in 1962, EDWARD ALBEE’S play has won about every award possible for theatre. The 1966 film starring Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton won 5 Oscars, one of the few movies to be nominated in every category.

Virginia Woolf is a “two-fisted thriller,” a tight blend of unforgettable characters and fast-paced comedy, and packs in more horror than any Halloween tale. The story centers on GEORGE and MARTHA, a quick-witted middle-aged college professor and his brassy, audacious wife. Played by veteran actors CHRIS KOROW and LEAH JOKI, the caustic duo invite a young couple to their home for late night “fun and games.” As the liquor flows, NICK and HONEY (NATHAN WRIGHT and KELLY CLAVIN) find themselves in the center of an ever-shifting vortex where truth & lies merge, a witty and dangerous Battle of the Sexes. The evening turns explosive, with fireworks that one cannot soon forget.

Director Stephen Alexander says that Virginia Woolf is certainly any artist’s “dream play.” Alexander will be moving to Portland, OR soon, and hopes to leave Helena with a real bang. “Virginia Woolf is certainly a griping play, perhaps the best America drama ever written.” Alexander focuses on the play’s razor-sharp comedy, but in the end says that the show is an unashamed picture of the masks and games that rule relationships in modern America. “At its core, it is an amazing Love story. Yet the most startling part of the play is recognizing the Georges and Marthas all around us.”

Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, Virginia Woolf missed out on the award due to its adult language & situations. (Parents, be warned…) Powerful, hilarious and hard-hitting, Virginia Woolf brings to mind the famous Bette Davis quote: “Fasten your seatbelt, boys. It’s gonna be a bumpy night!”

Costumes designed by NATALIE JORDAN, with set & lights by CODY W. DOLL.