Grandstreet Theatre

Unnecessary Farce

Unnecessary Farce

Cast List

September 10th -25th

Two Cops. Three Crooks. Eight Doors. Go.

A new play By Paul Slade Smith

The setting is two adjoining rooms in an economy motel.  It is early morning.  Two inexperienced police officers, Eric Sheridan and Billie Dwyer, have been sent to videotape a meeting between the local Mayor and the town’s accountant, with the aim of uncovering an embezzlement scheme.  But the day is not starting off well.

The Mayor is accompanied by Agent Frank – the head of Town Hall security – an impressively nervous man who warns the officers that anyone who dares to try to find the missing money will incur the wrath of a local mafia called the Scottish Clan.  Agent Frank speaks with particular fear of a man named Todd – “the Highland hit man” – a formidable villain, who always dons a kilt and plays the bagpipes before making a kill.

Will the embezzled money be recovered?  Can Billie be saved before Todd plays the bagpipes?  Will Eric and Karen get to have sex?  And can the cops manage to capture the crooks without resorting to… Unnecessary Farce?

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