Grandstreet Theatre

Starcatcher Callback List


Thanks to all who auditioned, though you may not see your name listed below that does not necessarily mean that you are not being considered for a role. If you are listed below please come to the Grandstreet Studio tonight at 6:30 dressed to move with closed –toed shoes. If you play an instrument and it is portable please bring it with you tonight, as we might like to assess your skill level, particularly if you play the ukulele. Please be prepared to stay until 9:30 though you may be released sooner. The final cast list will be posted Friday at 5pm.


Peter & The Starcatcher Callback List


Salome Aydlett
Nick Bubb
Caroline Carey
Mary Linn Crouse
Cory Crouser
Krysta Dziak
Samantha French
Declan Garrison
Nathan George
Tom Gocksch
Patrick Hope
Brandon Kirchgasler
Errol Koch
Aubrey Lowe
Andrew Martinez
Rachel Martorana
Todd Olsen
Claire Peterson
Guil Poelsma
Julia Porter Harris
John Rausch
Tyler Redden
Tad Rose
Kevin Skaalure
Dee Smith III
Barry Stambaugh
Emma Templeton
Shane Townsend
Sam Turner
Ted Van Alstyne
Dalton Weaver
Tony West
David Ybarra