Grandstreet Theatre

Silent Sky and The Book of Will Auditions

Auditions for Silent Sky & The Book of Will

By Lauren Gunderson

Audition for two shows at once!  Join us for auditions for Silent Sky and The Book of Will, two incredible new plays by one of the country’s most successful contemporary playwrights; Lauren Gunderson. 

Audition Dates
Monday, November 5 & Tuesday, November 6 / 6:30PM – 9:30PM

Those who audition should arrive at 6:30 but may not need to stay until 9:30
You should only attend one night of auditions
There are potential callbacks on November 7 & 8

Rehearsal Dates

Silent Sky: November 15 – January 24

The Book of Will: November 19 – January 31

Performance Dates
Silent Sky: January 25, 26, 27, February 7, 9, 13, 15, 17, 21, 23 (10 Shows Total)
The Book of Will: February 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, 14, 16, 20, 22, 24 (11 Shows Total)

All shows are evening performances at 7:30PM except for Sunday matinees at 2:30PM

Audition Location
Grandstreet Studio / 328 Fuller Avenue / Downtown across from Valley Bank

How It Works
Both shows will audition on the same nights.  You are welcome to only audition for Silent Sky or only audition for The Book of Will … or you can audition for both shows!  You will not be cast in both shows, but auditioning for both will certainly increase your chances of being cast. 

What to Prepare
Those who plan to audition should have a Silent Sky & The Book of Will Audition Packet.  Packets can be picked up at the Grandstreet Box Office (weekdays between noon and 5) or downloaded here: 

Silent Sky and The Book of Will Audition Packet

The audition packet will have more instructions about what to prepare for the audition.

What to Bring
Those who audition must submit a Silent Sky & The Book of Will Audition Form on the night you audition.  Forms can be picked up at the Grandstreet Box Office (weekdays between noon and 5) or downloaded here:

Silent Sky and The Book of Will Audition Form

Please come with your Audition Form already filled out.  This form has important calendar and schedule information that is necessary for the casting process. 

Seeking the Following Roles
Silent Sky

Henrietta Leavitt – (20s – 40s) brilliant, meticulous, excited, driven, confident

Margaret Leavitt – (20s – 40s) homebody, creative, sweet, sister

Peter Shaw – (20s – 40s) the head astronomer’s apprentice, both endearing and awkward

Annie Cannon – (30s – 50s) the leader, strict and sure, grows into a firebrand

Williamina Fleming – (40s – 60s) smart as a whip and fun, Scottish

The Book Of Will

Henry Condell – (40s or older) feisty, hopeful friend and actor in the King’s Men

John Heminges – (40s or older) reasonable friend and financial manager of the King’s Men, owner of the Globe Tap House, a good man, a gentleman, a little serious

Richard Burbage – (40s or older) a seasoned lion of the stage, famous across England, loud and proud

Alice Heminges – (20s – 30s) John’s daughter, confident, knows everyone and hangs with the boys

Ben Jonson – Poet laureate of England, friend and rival of Shakespeare, an amazing drunk, a bear of a man, surprisingly weepy

Elizabeth Condell – (40s or older) – Henry’s wife, savvy, fun and supportive, a great friend

Rebecca Heminges – (40s or older) John’s wife, a good woman, strong, busy with her grocery business, a woman who has weathered much but loves her husband and children

Ed Knight – Stage manager for the King’s Men, self-serious and particular, he likes to be important

Ralph Crane – Humble scribe for the King’s Men, intelligent and quiet, and perhaps a bit awkward

William Jaggard (40s or older) Successful, although shady, publisher of books, plays and playbills, he is confident in his ability to get what he wants, very experienced, very connected, and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, an ass 

Isaac Jaggard – (20s – 30s) William’s son, will inherit the business, sensitive, an artist at heart and nothing like his father

Marcus – Printer’s apprentice at the Jaggard print shop, nosy but honest  

Emilia Bassano Lanier – (40s or older) Fiery Italian feminist and poet, independent woman, lover of life and a lover of Shakespeare

Anne Hathaway Shakespeare – (40s or older) Shakespeare’s widow, strong willed, a classy lady, a survivor

Susannah Shakespeare – Daughter of Shakespeare, a little sassy but it’s because she misses her dad

Boy Hamlet – A young actor playing the role (poorly)

Compositor – Works for Jaggard

Town Crier 

Bernardo, Francisco, Horatio, Marcellus – Actors playing those roles

Sir Edward Dering – a lover of books and theatre

Fruit Seller 


About the Shows

Silent Sky
When Henrietta Leavitt trades the comforts of her rural home for a job at the Harvard Observatory, she isn’t allowed to touch a telescope or express an original idea.  Instead, she joins a new group of female colleagues, known simply as “computers”, and begins to chart the stars for a renowned astronomer who has no time for women’s theories.  As Henrietta begins to measure the stars, an astonishing discovery causes her to take measure of her life on Earth.  Can she balance her dedication to science with the obligations of her family and the possibility of love?  This true story explores a woman’s place in society during a time of immense scientific discoveries, when women’s ideas were often dismissed until men took credit for them.  A powerhouse of a play from the brilliant mind of Lauren Gunderson, Silent Sky is an incredible story of a woman who found her light and changed the way we understand the universe.  Silent Sky will be directed by Rosie Seitz Ayers and stage managed by Cayla Clark.  

The Book of Will
Lauren Gunderson, one of the country’s most successful playwrights, pens a lively love letter to the theatre in her award winning new play.  After the death of their friend and mentor, two of Shakespeare’s actors promise to publish a first edition of his original plays and preserve the words that shaped their lives.  In order to honor the legacy of the man they loved, they’ll have to battle an unscrupulous book publisher, a boozy poet laureate, and their own rag-tag company of actors and stage managers.  Amidst the noise and color of Elizabethan London, The Book of Will tells a true and unforgettable story of love, loss and laughter, while shedding new light on the characters behind the plays we know so well.  The Book of Will will be directed by Jeff Downing and stage managed by Molly Roby.  

For questions, more information, or to read a script, please contact Jeff Downing, Artistic Director at 442-4270 or email [email protected]