Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Little Shop of Horrors. Between in-person auditions and virtual submissions, we saw over 450 people! While that makes us feel so proud to work for a theatre that has that many people wanting to work with us, it makes casting incredibly difficult. We narrowed it down from 450 to 9. While this news may be disappointing to some, please know that it was not a reflection of your talent or potential as an actor. The decision was based solely on the specific needs of the production.

We are so thrilled to be welcoming this talented cast to Grandstreet this summer. Make sure you have your tickets, you won’t want to miss a moment  of this out of this world hit musical!

Little Shop of Horrors-Cast List

Seymour – Johnny Doty
Audrey – Breanna Lemerise
Mr. Mushnik – John Rausch
Orin – Gavin Wright
Crystal – Myriam Zamy
Ronnette – Lanna Russell
Chiffon – Lauren Taylor
Ensemble / Puppeteer – Drew Bates
Voice of Audrey 2 – Evan Blackwell

Little Shop of Horrors runs from August 9th-25th. This production is generously sponsored by Stockman Bank.