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Cast list for Wildwood

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who auditioned for your incredible bravery and eagerness to play. This made for some difficult casting decisions. If you do not see your name on the list we hope you will come back and audition at Grandstreet in the future.


Prue: Cadence Hatten

Curtis: Kai Moser

Mom/Bureacrat 3: DeAundra Shackelford

Dad/Richard:Guil Poelsma

Alexandra: Cayla Clark

Maksim/Lars Svik: Andrew Martinez

Dimitri: Kynan Moon

Brendan: Alan Zackheim

Angus: Ella Shropshire

Damian: Robert Stimpson

Septimus: Will Swenson

Bureaucrat 2: Emerson Poole

Bureaucrat 4: Will Krings

Bureaucrat 5: Riley Ford

Bureaucrat 6: Hailey Cox

Rachel: Alicia Treichler

Guard/Coyote Soldier: Kade O’Brian

Owl Regina: Meghan Hanrahan

Enver: Gracie Fay Petersen

Iphegenia/Bureaucrat 1: Elsie Harrington

Farmer 1: Donny Shire

Farmer 2: Declan Van Wyk

Farmer 3: Sophie Johnson


For those cast, congratulations and please keep an eye on your email for detailed information about rehearsals, which will begin the week of APRIL 29th.

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Every Brilliant Thing – Online Auditions

Grandstreet Theatre Seeks Additional Actor for Montana State-Wide Tour

Every Brilliant Thing

by Duncan MacMillan with Jonny Donahoe


The tour begins rehearsals May 27th and performs June 5th – August 2nd.


Two actors will be cast to perform the solo show, and serve as crew and run the show for each other on alternate nights of the tour. We are planning 50 performances across Montana and the actors will be responsible for performance, setup, take down and driving to each location. Vehicle, lodging, per-diem and $300 per week salary provided. Additional responsibilities include talkback leadership, logistical planning and community outreach. The performance is part of a suicide prevention program developed by Grandstreet Theatre and made possible by a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana. Performers should be comfortable with the topic of suicide and will undergo “Signs Of Suicide” and “Mental Health First Aid” training as part of the rehearsal process.


We are seeking a male actor to play a character aged 30 – 55 with strong comic chops and an ability to form a quick rapport with a wide range of audiences throughout rural Montana. The character makes quick shifts from broad stand up comedy to intensely vulnerable moments. Sense of humor required, sense of compassion a must. Diverse actors, particularly Native American (Assiniboine, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Crow, Gros Ventre, Salish/Kootenai and Sioux tribes) are encouraged. Non Equity or AEA Special Contract.

To Submit:

Auditions will be accepted via video submission through January 15th. Please record two of the four attached monologues (if you select monologue #2 please have a friend read the role of Sam off camera) on video along with a brief introduction (2 minutes or less) and why you are drawn to the material and the tour.


Please email video along with a headshot, resume and your favorite road-trip playlist to [email protected]


Direct any questions to Kal Poole (406) 442-4270, [email protected]



Sample resume

Here is a sample resume for those of you wondering about a good format.

Beware of some common mistakes:
1. Grandstreet is one word (not Grand Street)
2. List your shows with the most recent at the top
3. Don’t list a category if you have no experience (i.e commercials, film)
4. Remember to list your special abilities and make sure you can actually do those things.