Grandstreet Theatre

Cast List for The Bridges of Madison County

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for The Bridges of Madison County!  It was a week of beautiful music and we had some very difficult casting choices to make.  If you do not find your name on the cast list, please come and see us again at future auditions.  If you do find your name on the cast list, please keep an eye on your email for information regarding rehearsals.  The schedule will be ready soon and will be coming your way as soon as it is available.  There will be no rehearsals next week, but you should plan to begin the week of February 25th!



Francesca  – Anna Milburn

Robert – Kevin Mathews

Bud – Carlton Ryker

Michael – Josh Mills

Carolyn – Rachel Martorana

Marge – Teak Hoiness

Charlie – Phil Bartruff

Marian – Gretchen Mundinger

Chiara – Olivia McConnell

Paolo – Jon Miller

Ensemble – Gretchen Mundinger, Jon Miller, Jen Jenkins, John Harrington, Elizabeth Adler