Grandstreet Theatre

Cast list for Annie, Kids

Congratulations – you were all wonderful and it’s going to be a strong show.

Annie Cast list

Stage Manager- Mia Carrell
Assistant Stage Manager – Cate Hardan


Annie– Freya Elias

Molly-Ida Rose Brown

Kate-Selah Roberts

Tessie– Layna Newhouse

Pepper-Solveig Mohr

July-Lily Ann Box

Duffy– Ansleigh Held

Miss Hannigan– Liliana Hanson

Grace Farrell– Ashlynn Cornwell

Rooster Hannigan-Will Swenson

Lily St. Regis– Julia Krings

Oliver Warbucks-Donny Shire

Sandy-Erica Howeth u/s Lily St. Regis

Servants/New Yorkers/orphans

Drake-Ethan Taylor

Apple Seller & Mrs. Pugh– Ava Snyder

Lt. Ward-Aidan Van Wyk

Bert Healy & Servant-Abby Jacques u/s Miss Hannigan

Bundles & Servant-Kennedy Cochenour

Pres. Roosevelt & Servant-Finn Morrison

Louis Howe -Cate Hardan u/s Sandy

Star-to-be & Servant-Ella Nasset

Usherette & Servant-Greydyn Gildroy- u/s Grace

Other orphans 

  1. Layla Riggs- u/s Tessie
  2. Holly Hudoba u/s Pepper
  3. Isabel Pomerleau u/s Molly
  4. Mia Carrell- u/s July
  5. Rowan Humbert u/s Kate
  6. Hazel Bishop u/s Duffy

u/s – understudy