Cast List-Fall Shows

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned for our two fall productions; The Woman in Black, and Moriarty, A New Sherlock Holmes Adventure. We saw so many wonderful auditions and we had some very difficult casting decisions.

Please know that whether or not you find your name on a cast list, we were impressed and grateful for your audition. It is people like YOU who make Grandstreet possible. If you do not find your name on a cast list, please come and see us again at future auditions. There are also plenty of crew and volunteer opportunities for BOTH of these productions, so please reach out if you are interested in joining a crew.

If you DO find your name on a cast list, we will be in touch soon with more information about scripts and scheduling.

Thanks again and BRAVO to all of you!

The Woman in Black

Actor – Errol Koch
Kipps – Leroy McKitrick

Director – Kal Poole
Stage Manager – Emily Hilliard

Moriarty, A New Sherlock Holmes Adventure

Actor One, Sherlock Holmes – Cayla Clark
Actor Two, Dr. Watson – Kaden Connor
Actor Three (Moriarty and others) – Alan Zackheim
Actor Four (Irene and others) – Hailey Elwood
Actor Five (Mrs. Barabas and others) – Barbara Allen

Director-Rosie Seitz Ayers

Stage Manager-Selena LeBoutillier

Thank you again to everyone who auditioned! Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information about LUCKY STIFF auditions on January 6th and 7th.