Grandstreet Theatre

Callbacks for Unnecessary Farce

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the great auditions on Sunday and Monday. Here are the scene breakdowns for Friday. Please know them well enough to be able to interact with a scene partner. For those of you with conflicts who i have talked with, i look forward to seeing you earlier in the week. I’ve put you’re sides down below as well. What I’m looking for in these roles when you’re reading are real, honest people (not actors portraying a type of character), who are listening and reacting to each other, while trying to get out of this crazy situation. If you have any questions over the next few days about the show or any character info, please drop me a line.


Eric & Karen pg. mid20-mid23
Group 1 Todd L & Lindsey
Group 2 Todd L & Molly
Group 3 Todd L & Tonia
Group 4 Stephen & Tonia
Group 5 Stephen & Molly

Todd & Frank 58-top of 61
Group 1 Stephen(Todd) & Jim(Frank)
Group 2 Todd L(Frank) & Stephen (Todd)
Group 3 Todd L(Frank) & Jim(Todd)

Mary & Eric & Billie 96-end of 98
Group 1 Orlinda & Todd & Molly
Group 2 Jill & Stephen & Lindsey
Group 3 Marie & Todd & Molly
Group 4 Susan & Stephen & Lindsey

Elaine S & Kenyan Thursday @ 3:00
Billie & Eric pg. 15-mid17
Frank & Karen mid37- top of 39
Mary(Elaine) & Eric (Kenyan) & Billie 96-end of 98

Terry Friday @ 3:00
Frank & Karen mid37- top of 39