Grandstreet Theatre

Sneak Previews

These are the final dress rehearsals for our main stage shows. Currently enrolled theatre school students are invited to watch with the understanding that the show is not quite finished. It is a great learning opportunity for all the students. Not all of the shows are age appropriate and we will let you know, however, we feel it’s important for the students to see as much live theatre as possible and are open to discussion about all of the productions. Please click on the link and read the description of each show. No parents or family members are invited.

Every Brilliant Thing, Tuesday, Sept. 4, @7:30
Treasure Island, Thursday, October 18 @ 7:30
Silent Sky, Thursday, January 24 @7:30
Book of Will, Thursday, January 31 @7:30
Bridges of Madison County, Thursday, April 26 @7:30