Grandstreet Theatre


“Welcome to the Madhouse!
Characters wanted…”

Grandstreet Theatre announces auditions for
You Can’t Take It with You, by George S Kaufman & Moss Hart
Directed by Tonya “Teak” Hoiness

When:  Sun & Mon, Jan 17 & 18 at 6:30 pm
Where:  Grandstreet’s Studio space, 328 Fuller St in downtown Helena

Rehearsals begin Sunday, Jan 24.
Performances: March 1-22, 2010

Auditions will involve reading from the script. No need to prepare anything for auditions!

There are many characters in this hilarious play, considered one of the all-time great comedies. MEN ARE ESPECIALLY ENCOURAGED TO AUDITION! None of the roles are terrificaly large, but all of them are wacky, delightful & fun!

Actors can attend either day of audition. However, if you attend the first Sunday date, you may get the advantage of a callback on Monday.


You Can’t Take It with You is considered one America’s funniest comedies, since its premiere in 1936. The play follows Tony Kirby, the son of a weathly socialite couple, who plans to marry Alice Sycamore. Alice’s house is full or crazy family & friends: a xylophone player, a ballerina who dances throughout the play, a Socialist Revolutiony, even the Grand Duchess of Russia…just to name a few. Oh, and the man who creates fireworks in the basement!

To make the situation even MORE insane, Tony is made to bring his straight-laced parents over for dinner with the whole menagrie!

This is a hilarious show, and will be a joy to be in! We really hope we can bring together a great community of actors for the fun!


  • Penelope Sycamore. The mother of the house who writes scandalous plays and paints.
  • Essie Carmichael. Essie dreams of being a ballerina, and makes candy that her husband sells. But is it legal?
  • Rheba. The maid & cook, dating Donald.
  • Paul Sycamore. The father of the house. He manufactures firewords in the basement & plays with erector sets.
  • Mr. DePinna. The ice man who came inside to speak to Paul and never left. He helps Mr. Sycamore build fireworks, and moonlights as a model in Mrs. Sycamore’s paintings.
  • Ed Carmichael. Essie’s husband. He is a xylophone player, distributes Essie’s candies, an amateur printer who prints anything that sounds good to him. Oh, he masks masks on the side…
  • Donald. Rheba’s boyfriend.
  • Martin Vanderhof. Referred to mostly as Grandpa in the play. He is an eccentric happy old man who has never paid his income tax because he doesn’t believe in it. His philosophy: Don’t do anything that you’re not going to enjoy doing. He goes to circuses, commencements, and collects snakes.
  • Alice Sycamore. the lead female, Alice the only “normal” family member. She has an office job, and is rather embarrassed by the eccentricities of her family.
  • Wilbur C. Henderson. An employee of the IRS.
  • Tony Kirby. The leading male, caught between his straight-laced family & his fiance’s insane family nuthouse!
  • Boris Kolenkhov. A Russian fugitive who teaches ballet….not always with the best of results!
  • Gay Wellington. A actress who really enjoys society – especially if there’s liquor!
  • Anthony W. Kirby. Tony’s father, the president of Kirby & Co. who secretly despises his job.
  • Miriam Kirby. Tony’s mother. She is a very prim and proper woman whose hobby is spiritualism (contacting the dead!)
  • G-Man 1, G-Man 2 (Jim), G-Man 3 (Mac). Three agents who come to investigate Ed because of the communist propaganda he prints up.
  • The Grand Duchess Olga Katrina. The former Grand Duchesses of Russia before the revolution. She was forced to flee to America where she works as a waitress.
You Can’t Take It with You is a family show:
Nothing to offend, and everything to enjoy