Grandstreet Theatre

Auditions for Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Sept. 14 & 15

You must be a member of the Theatre School enrolled in Session 1 and continue enrollment through at least Session 2.

Any adults interested in auditioning should contact Marianne at 406 442-4270 or email [email protected]

audition packet-Willy Wonka (contains conflict sheet)

parent packet

sample resume
Sign up to audition here (after reading the audition & Parent packet)
Character Breakdown with vocal ranges- Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
Choose one of these songs based on the role that interests you (make sure it is in your vocal range)

Any Role or General audition
I’ve Got A Golden Ticket

The Candy Man

Willy Wonka
Pure Imagination

I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

Grandpa Joe
Cheer Up, Charlie

Mrs. Bucket/Mr Bucket
Cheer Up, Charlie

Augustus or Mrs. Gloop
I Eat More!

Violet/Mrs. Beauregarde

Mike Teavee/Ms. Teavee
I See It All On TV

Veruca Salt
I Want It Now