2024 Annual Membership Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Membership of Grandstreet Theatre will be held Sunday, September 24 at 5pm. Members in good standing of Grandstreet Theatre are invited to attend and vote.

At the Annual Membership Meeting, the Board of Directors will present their slate of nominations for the next Board of Directors term. Information about the nominated candidates is below. Additionally, the Board will present proposed changes to the bylaws of the organization, detailed below.

In addition to attending the membership meeting and voting, being a member of Grandstreet has some great perks, detailed here.

September 24, 2023 at 5pm
Grandstreet Theatre, 325 N Park Ave


Jen Davis, Board President

Grandstreet Year in Review
Corinne Woods, Managing Director
Marianne Adams, Director of Education
Jeff Downing, Artistic Director

FY23 Financial Review
Finance Committee

Celebrating Departing Board Members 
Hope Morrison, Board Vice-President

Nomination of New Board Members and
Board Members Renewing for an Additional Term
Hope Morrison, Board Vice-President
Vote on Board Slate

Review Proposal to Amend the Bylaws
Jen Davis, Board President
Stan Kaleczyc, Legal Advisor
Vote on Proposed Amendment

Closing Remarks

Meet the Nominees!

We have an incredible slate of candidates for the next Board term! The Board of Directors has recommended five new members to join the Board.

A man smiles at the camera with light brown hair and a light beard, dressed in a suit and plaid shirt in front of a blue backdrop.

Jim Carney

Affiliation: Diocese of Helena (employer), Mountainside Montessori (co-owner), Florence Crittenton (board member)

Bio: Jim grew up in Spokane, WA and moved to Helena in 2006 with the love of his life, Joslyn. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Seattle University and a Master of Arts degree in Public Service from Marquette University. Jim has spent his non-academic years serving as a Jesuit Volunteer in East Los Angeles helping gang impacted youth, serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in China teaching English, working at the State of Montana as a bureau chief for Child and Family Services, and currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the Diocese of Helena. Jim’s last theatrical performance was playing the role of a bicuspid in a 2nd grade performance at Adam’s Elementary. Jim has enjoyed watching his son Sean perform at Grandstreet and hopes to see his daughter Cecilia on stage soon.

First Grandstreet Experience: Watching Leah Joki (aunt) in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Why do you want to serve on the Grandstreet Board of Directors? Since moving to Helena in 2006, my wife and I have always attended Grandstreet productions. We love our community theatre and attending productions was often paired with a night out as a couple or gathering with friends and family. Our relationship with Grandstreet changed when our son Sean began getting involved. It began with classes, then auditions for a show, followed by participation in JTF. This past summer Sean also joined the social skills class with Ms. Daylinda. Beyond our pure enjoyment of theatres, Grandstreet has become an integral part of our son’s journey and development as he navigates adolescence. It would be an honor to use my talents to help benefit an organization that brings so much joy to the community and my family.

A woman with long blonde hair and a Montana necklace smiles at the camera.

Emily Hilliard

Affiliation: Gulch Distillers

Bio: Emily Hilliard, originally from Havre, Montana, has lived and worked in Helena for the last seven years as a School Counselor. She attended college at Carroll College and graduate school at Montana State University. During her college years, Emily fell in love with the Helena area and Grandstreet Theatre, auditioning and performing for her first show in 2013, the spring of her senior year. Emily’s love of Grandstreet Theatre is not limited to performing. She has also been involved backstage as a stage manager, taught at Summer Theatre School, volunteered in audience services, as well as bartending as many shows as she can. Outside of Grandstreet and School Counseling, Emily works at Gulch Distillers and tries to enjoy all the community events and outdoor recreation that Helena has to offer.

First Grandstreet Experience: Audience member watching Chicago and then auditioning for and performing in Legally Blonde in 2013

Why do you want to serve on the Grandstreet Board of Directors? I would like to serve on the board of directors because I have a passion for making Grandstreet Theatre and the Helena community a place that is welcoming, inclusive, and progressive. When I first joined the Grandstreet community I was welcomed with open arms. I am enthusiastic about providing that same experience for other community members.

A man with glasses smiles at the camera in from of Grandstreet's logo.

Bayard Leonard

Affiliation: N/A

Bio: Bayard became part of the Grandstreet Theatre family over 25 years ago when he took his mother to see Little Shop of Horrors and she demanded he get involved. So, he tried out for The Music Man and since then, he has performed in many shows, was a Board member for ten years and President for two terms. His favorite Grandstreet memory is currently in the making as he performs in shows with his daughter, Leah, whenever he gets the opportunity.

First Grandstreet Experience:  Seeing Little Shop of Horrors

Why do you want to serve on the Grandstreet Board of Directors? I believe strongly that GST is an essential asset to our community. GST offers new residents a place to play and meet new people. GST is also a valuable, safe place for children to build confidence, speaking skills, and discipline.

A blonde woman in a bright red top smiles at the camera in front of a brick wall.

Graden Marcelle

Affiliation: Montana Department of Labor & Industry


First Grandstreet Experience:

Why do you want to serve on the Grandstreet Board of Directors? Grandstreet is among the cornerstone community organizations that makes Helena an engaging place to live. I have long been drawn to find opportunities to participate in multiple capacities as a parent of Grandstreet alumni, as crew on shows, as a supporter of students launching into young adulthood as they matriculate from theater school, and as an enthusiastic audience member. I am honored to have been invited to engage with my longtime Grandstreet community in this capacity.

Corporate headshot: A man with short hair in a suit smiles at the camera.

Rex Walsh

Affiliation: Stockman Bank

Bio: Rex is the Vice President/Operations Officer of Stockman Bank Helena and has been in the banking industry for twenty plus years. He is a member and a past president of the Rotary Club of Helena and the Co-Chair of the Foundation for Animals. He is also a graduate of Helena Chamber of Commerce Leadership Helena. A native Montanan, he has enjoyed many performances at the Grandstreet with a favorite of Chicago. Rex is excited to become more involved with the Grandstreet and help where he can.

First Grandstreet Experience: Fiddler On the Roof in the late 70’s

Why do you want to serve on the Grandstreet Board of Directors? As a regular attendee of the theatre, I would like to get to know the board and operation of the organization.

Proposal to Amend the Bylaws


Link to view the proposed amended bylaws

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