Cast Lists for Doll’s House, Mousetrap & Almost, Maine

Another huge BRAVO to everyone who showed up to our GENERAL AUDITIONS, especially those who have never auditioned at Grandstreet before! We were overwhelmed by your talent and your bravery. It was a fun and exciting challenge to cast these three shows!

We saw over 60 auditions, and have roles for 37 people – 11 of those will be making their Grandstreet debut!!! Congratulations!!!
If you do not find your name on a cast list, please know that we loved seeing you, and tried as hard as we could to use as many people as possible. If you have not been cast, but still want to be involved, please keep in touch! We always have volunteer opportunities at GST. Please come and see us again – auditions for Bright Star will take place in January. And remember – if you auditioned, you get a complimentary ticket to one of these three shows!

If you have been cast – CONGRATULATIONS! You can expect an email from us soon about what will happen next.

Thank you ALL for making community theatre possible!


A Doll’s House, Part Two

September 1 – 11
Directed by Mary Lee Larison

Nora – Sabrina Malecek
Nora Understudy* – Jackie Vetter
Anne Marie – Dorothy Thiede
Anne Marie Understudy* – Kristin Drees
Torvald – Kevin Mathews
Emmy – Lyla Ackerman

* Understudies will receive 3 scheduled performances. Detailed performance schedule coming soon!


The Mousetrap

October 14 – 30
Directed by Jeff Downing

Mollie Ralston – Julia Harris
Giles Ralston – Tyler Redden
Christopher Wren* – Aaron Nels / Reese Sheldahl
Mrs. Boyle* – Orlinda Worthington Lusher / Trista Hillman
Major Metcalf* – Alvaro Freyre / Henry Elsen
Miss Casewell – Mackenzie Jones
Mr. Paravicini* – Alan Zackheim / Brian Massman
Sergeant Trotter – Tom Buchanan

* Some roles in The Mousetrap have been double cast! For roles that are double cast, the first listed name will receive 7 performances, and the second listed name will receive 6 performances. Detailed performance schedule coming soon!


Almost, Maine

January 27 – February 12
Directed by Lysa Fox

Prologue, Interlogue, & Epilogue
Ginette – Deaundra Shackelford
Pete – Skylar Shields

Her Heart
East – Jim Tucker
Glory – Kelly Posewitz

Sad & Glad 
Jimmy – JW McClintic
Sandrine – Tiffany Bushilla
Waitress – Aileen Gleizer

This Hurts
Marvalyn – Kate Dramstad
Steve – Jacob Churchill

Getting It Back
Gayle – Elaine Spino
Lendall – Ken Soderberg

They Fell
Shelly – Jeavon Lang
Deena – Mariah Ramirez

Where It Went
Phil – Blaine O’Tolls
Marci – Emily Hilliard

Story of Hope
Hope – Teak Hoiness Schummer
Daniel – John Rausch

Seeing the Thing
Rhonda – Cayla Clark
Dave – Mikol Felber

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