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Last Train To Nibroc – Online Auditions at Grandstreet Theatre

Last Train to Nibroc is a blissfully charming and romantic play about two strangers whose lives are forever changed when they meet on a cross country train ride in December of 1940.  May, a bookish and religious small town girl, shares her seat with a charming young flyer named Raleigh, who is heading to New York to become a writer.  After Raleigh and May discover they are from neighboring Appalachian towns, they consider changing course when he invites her to the next Nibroc Festival.

Set against the backdrop of the second world war, May and Raleigh’s courtship takes many detours over the next several years, but their undeniable connection remains in this nostalgic and touching portrait of two people searching for happiness when America was changing forever.

Grandstreet’s production will be an exciting opportunity to simultaneously offer live performances at the theater alongside digital performances online.  Join us as we continue to explore new ways of theatrical storytelling that are better suited to our current health restrictions.

What’s different about this project?

A lighter and flexible rehearsal process!

Rehearsals will begin online, allowing for safety and flexibility!

Rehearsals will be limited to only three times a week!

Last Train to Nibroc

By: Arlene Hutton

Director: Rosie Seitz Ayers

Performance Dates

Friday, April 16th – Sunday, May 2nd

(Wednesday through Saturday evenings at 7:30pm / Sunday matinees at 2:30pm)

Video Auditions

We are only accepting audition submissions via video.  Audition Videos must be received by noon on Friday, February19th in order to be considered for casting.  Please follow these guidelines when preparing and submitting your audition video:

Record yourself performing two of the monologues included in the Audition Packet

You are not required to memorize your audition monologue

Please introduce yourself at the beginning of your video

Use a well lit room so we can clearly see your face

Email your audition video to [email protected] by noon on February 19th

Include your completed Audition Form as an attachment with your audition video email

Rehearsal Dates

Rehearsals are scheduled to begin the week of March 1st  Rehearsals will begin via Zoom and the schedule will be tailored to the actor’s availability.

Audition Form

Those who audition must submit the Last Train to Nibroc Audition Form as an attachment with your audition video email.  Forms can be downloaded here:

Last Train To Nibroc – Audition Form

This form has important calendar and schedule information that is necessary for the casting process.

What to Prepare

Those who plan to audition should have the Last Train to Nibroc Audition Packet.  Packets can be downloaded here:

Last Train to Nibroc – Audition Packet

The audition packet will have more instructions about what to prepare for the audition.

Safety Policies

Those who audition for this project must be willing to follow Grandstreet Theatre’s Covid-19 safety policies, which include wearing a mask at all times for in person rehearsals and performances.  All participants must be willing to notify the production team of any possible illness or any possible exposure to Covid-19.

Seeking the Following Roles

May (able to play a young woman in her 20s) From a small town in Kentucky.  She is sincere and honest in her beliefs.  Bookish, with a charming naiveté, and an intelligent quick wit.  She plans on becoming a missionary, but perhaps only because she has not yet found another calling that seems to suit her.  In other words, perhaps she is on a path she is expected to take rather than a path she wants to take.

Raleigh (able to play a young man in his 20s) From a nearby town.  Just a good guy, slow to anger and quick to chuckle.  He has recently left the military on a medical discharge, which has not left his pride unscathed.  Without much to fall back on, he chooses to follow his dreams and is traveling to New York City to become a writer.  His is genuine and playful, but his jokes are not demeaning or patronizing.  He only teases May because he can tell she is sharp enough to joke back.

For questions or more information, please contact Jeff Downing, Artistic Director at 442-4270 or email [email protected]

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