Grandstreet Theatre

Rabbit Hole Callbacks

Thanks for a wonderful first round of auditions for Rabbit Hole on Monday night!  If you find your name on the callback list, please join us again at the Grandstreet Studio on Wednesday, July 20th from 6:30PM – 9:30PM (although you may be dismissed before 9:30).

If you have any conflicts or concerns about the callback, please email Jeff at [email protected]

Please check back on Friday at 5:00PM for the Rabbit Hole cast list.

Rabbit Hole Callbacks

Julie Johnson

Katy Wright

Pam Ponich

Tiffany Bushilla

Ty House

Holly Hamper

Patricia Klanke

Trista Glazier

Eliza Kiss

Krysta Dziak

Kelly Clavin

Donna Davis

Deb Schaaf

Jim Tucker

Barry Stambaugh

Gordy Higgins

Scott Pargot

Isaiah Hesford

Tristen Moler

Dalton Weaver