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My Fair Lady Cast List

Thank you and BRAVO to everyone who auditioned this week.  It was a fun and exciting week filled with brave auditions, beautiful voices, acting surprises and a wonderful mix of familiar and new faces.  These were some of the hardest casting decisions I’ve ever had to make … EVER.  If you don’t find your name on the cast list below, please don’t give up.  Come and see us again at future auditions.  It means the world to me that you showed up.  


If you do find your name on the cast list, please plan to join us at the first rehearsal on Tuesday, February 21st at the Grandstreet Studio.  We will have a Full Cast call at 6:30 to meet and greet, pick up scripts and vocal books, and then some will stick around for music rehearsal.  I will be emailing a more detailed rehearsal schedule for Tuesday and the rest of next week.  If you haven’t received that email by 5:00pm on Saturday, please email me at [email protected] to confirm I’m using the correct email address.  


Thanks again,





Eliza Doolittle – Anna Milburn

Colonel Pickering – Alvaro Freyre

Mrs. Eynsford Hill – Mary Kinzer

Mrs. Higgins – Mary Linn Crouse

Henry Higgins – Calder Burgam

Freddy Eynsford Hill – Nate Kavanagh

Alfred P. Doolittle – John Rausch

Bartender – Tom Cordingley

Harry – Daniel Olszewski

Jamie – Tad Rose

Mrs. Pearce – Ty House

Lord Boxington – Loren Gustafson

Mrs. Hopkins / Lady Boxington – Dorothy Thiede

Professor Zoltan Karpathy – Nick Bell

Queen of Transylvania – Rachel Aagenes

1st Maid “I Could Have Danced” Soloist – Jill Newton

2nd Maid “I Could Have Danced” Soloist – Molly Roby



Molly Roby, Dorothy Thiede, Haley Nelson, Hannah Oltrogge, Mary Kinzer, Connor Hague, Krysta Dziak, Kate Loble, Faith Johnson, Rachel Martorana, Rachel Aagenes, Leslie Holz, Jill Newton, 

Ian Elsworth, Nick Bell, David Ybarra, Daniel Olszewski, Patric Lee, Loren Gustafson, Tom Cordingley, John Harrington, Tad Rose, Rayne O’Bryant


* Various speaking roles, singing roles and ensemble groupings to be assigned soon


Director – Jeff Downing

Music Director – Fred Cobb

Stage Manager – Aubrey Smith

Assistant Stage Manager – Rayne O’Bryant

The Giver Cast List

Thanks to everyone who auditioned for The Giver!  We had some difficult choices to make and we are so grateful for your bravery and your willingness to explore this material with us.  If you do not find your name on the cast list, please come and see us again at future auditions.  There are still plenty of exciting audition opportunities this season.


If you do find your name on this cast list, your first rehearsal is on Monday, January 9th from 7:00PM – 9:00 PM in the Grandstreet Studio.  Please bring a 3 ring binder for your script and a pencil.  You will receive a more detailed and long term rehearsal schedule on Monday.


The Giver


Jonas – Seamus Whyte

Fiona – Mariah Thomas

Asher – Dalton Weaver

Father – Jim Tucker

Mother – Patricia Klanke

Lily – Adeline Andersen

The Giver – Stephen Seder

Chief Elder – Deb Schaaf

Ensemble – Rachel Martorana, Isabelle Melton, Faith Johnson

Patsy Cline Cast List

Thank you and BRAVO to all the wonderful ladies who auditioned for Always…Patsy Cline this week. It was a privilege to watch your beautiful and courageous work. We wish we had more than 2 roles to offer. If you do not find your name on this cast list, please come and see us again at future auditions. There are more exciting audition opportunities coming up this season. If you do find your name on this cast list, you should expect an email shortly with more information about the rehearsal process.

Cast List

Patsy Cline – Lysa Fox

Louise Segar – Teak Hoiness

Louise Understudy – Cayla Clark

Cast for 101 Dalmatians, Kids

Cast List

Cruella De Vil- Kyli May

Roger- Robert Stimpson

Anita-Izzy Linder

Nanny-Jeanette Velasquez

Horace-Cadence Hatten

Jasper-Matthias Tucker

Canine Narrator #1/Dogcatcher-Caroline Irvine

Canine Narrator #2/Sergeant Tibbs-Maggi Hasselbach

Canine Narrator #3/Spot/Police officer-Ecco Kriechbaum

Canine Narrator #4/Dot/Poodle-Astri Hahn

Patch- Morgan Kaufman

Penny-Lyla Ackerman

Pepper-Erika Foot

Lucky- Kate Zaluski

Perdita- Caroline Cunningham

Pongo-Dalton Hudoba

Scottie-Delaney Stewart

Scottie- Katrina Steinhoff

Poodle-Meaghan Johnson

Boxer- Avery Johnson

Boxer- Killian Humbert

Chihuahua-Will Krings

Chihuahua-Hailey Cox