Grandstreet Theatre


Auditions for Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Sept. 14 & 15

You must be a member of the Theatre School enrolled in Session 1 and continue enrollment through at least Session 2.

Any adults interested in auditioning should contact Marianne at 406 442-4270 or email [email protected]

audition packet-Willy Wonka (contains conflict sheet)

parent packet

sample resume
Sign up to audition here (after reading the audition & Parent packet)
Character Breakdown with vocal ranges- Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
Choose one of these songs based on the role that interests you (make sure it is in your vocal range)

Any Role or General audition
I’ve Got A Golden Ticket

The Candy Man

Willy Wonka
Pure Imagination

I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

Grandpa Joe
Cheer Up, Charlie

Mrs. Bucket/Mr Bucket
Cheer Up, Charlie

Augustus or Mrs. Gloop
I Eat More!

Violet/Mrs. Beauregarde

Mike Teavee/Ms. Teavee
I See It All On TV

Veruca Salt
I Want It Now



Auditions for Treasure Island

Grandstreet Theatre
Auditions for Treasure Island
Based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson / Adapted by Bryony Lavery

Grandstreet Theatre is seeking actors for their upcoming production of an exciting new adaptation of Treasure Island

Audition Dates
Monday, August 13th and Tuesday, August 14th / 6:30 – 9:30

Those who audition should arrive by 6:30 but may not need to stay until 9:30
You should only attend one night of auditions
There are potential callbacks on Wednesday, August 15th and Thursday, August 16th

Rehearsal Dates
August 27th – October 18th

Rehearsals are generally held Monday through Thursday evenings, with additional Sunday rehearsals as needed.  

Performance Dates
October 19th – November 4th
Wednesday through Saturday evenings at 7:30 PM (no show on Halloween, October 31st)
Sunday matinees at 2:30 PM
12 shows total during a three week run

Audition Location
Grandstreet Studio / 328 Fuller Ave. / Downtown across from Valley Bank

What to Prepare

Those who plan to audition should have a Treasure Island Audition Packet.  Packets can be picked up at the Grandstreet Box Office (weekdays between noon and 5) or downloaded here: 

Audition Packet The audition packet will have more instructions about what to prepare for the audition.

What to Bring

Those who audition must submit a Treasure Island Audition Form on the night you audition.  Forms can be picked up at the Grandstreet Box Office (weekdays between noon and 5) or downloaded here:

Audition Form

Please come with your Audition Form already filled out.  This form has important calendar and schedule information that is necessary for the casting process. 

Seeking the Following Roles

Jim Hawkins – a teenage girl dressed like a boy
Grandma Hawkins – a landlady
Doctor Livesey – a woman doctor and thinker
Squire Trelawney – a squire with a big mouth
Mrs. Crossley – drinker and churchgoer
Red Ruth, Job Anderson, Lucky Micky – future crew members
Bill Bones – a haunted villain
Black Dog – an eight-fingered villain
Blind Pew – a blind villain
Captain Smollett – captain of the Hispanolia
Long John Silver – one-legged cook, charmer, and villain
Joan the Goat – a headbutter
Israel Hands – a clumsy pirate
Dick the Dandy – pirate voguist 
Killigrew the Kind – a gentle killer
George Badger – malcontent
Grey – a grey, forgettable character
Captain Flint – a parrot
Ben Gunn – a marooned cabin boy

About The Show

The classic tale of high-seas adventure with a surprising twist!  When pirates ransack Grandma Hawkins’ inn, her fearless granddaughter, Jim, unearths a treasure map and tumbles headlong into a rip-roaring adventure!  Gathering a motley crew of sailors and pirates, Jim sets sail on the mighty Hispaniola bound for a lost island and untold fortunes.  The ship’s charming cook, Long John Silver, quickly befriends Jim but as the island draws near, danger lurks beneath the surface.  Will Jim and her friends find the buried gold, or will the one-legged pirate be the death of them all?  Treasure Island is a darkly coming, swashbuckling adventure that will transport you to a world of mutiny, mystery and murder.  This breathtaking, gender-bending adaptation of Stevenson’s classic will thrill kids of all ages.  This production will be directed by Retta Leaphart.  

For questions or more information, please contact Jeff Downing, Artistic Director at 442-4270 or email [email protected]