Grandstreet Theatre

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Grandstreet Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation surviving financially on ticket sales, corporate sponsorships, program advertising, Theatre School tuition and donations to our annual fund drive. As such, we greatly appreciate all those who attend our shows, volunteer and contribute in any way they can. Grandstreet Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. That Internal Revenue Service designation allows Grandstreet Theatre and Theatre School, under the name of Broadwater Productions, Inc., to have a few tax advantages over those of a privately-owned corporation. As Broadwater Productions, Inc., a 16-member board of directors oversees the administration of the company owned by the general public. As a non-profit corporation, there is no “owner.”

Grandstreet Theatre runs an Annual Fund Drive. It officially begins March 1st and runs throughout the year with emphasis on the first three weeks. Donations are tax deductible. Recognition is given our patrons in the main program booklet that is distributed at all shows.

The Grandstreet Theatre/Pauline Allen Endowment Fund has been created to provide a permanent funding base for the operating needs of the future. Funds designated to the endowment will aid the threatre for years to come through accumulated interest as the principle remains untouched forever. Any gift would be deeply appreciated. The Montana philanthropy provision, a tax break for cash, securities, or the interest and dividends of securities, applies. We work with the Montana Community Foundation here in Helena. Details on the endowment are available through Grandstreet or MCF.

Over the years, Grandstreet Theatre has grown to to point of having the ability to hold CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITIES.

Endowment Pledges

  • Pauline Allen
  • Ken & Liz Eden
  • Robert Peccia & Associates
  • Bob Throssell & Carolyn Clemens
  • Valley Bank of Helena
  • Joan Holter
  • Peter & Sheila Sullivan
  • Ron & Mignon Waterman
  • Randy & Deborah Williams
  • Margaret Woo
  • Fred & Judy Flanders
  • Mrs. James Swan
  • Abigail Sull

State Employees Combines Giving Campaign (SECGC)

Special thanks for their generous, ongoing donations

  • Mark Smith & Jo Berg
  • Wendy Blackwood
  • Carrie & Jerry Frohreich
  • Denise & Bill Gianoulias
  • Casey & Susan Greenwood
  • Joan Miles & Tony Jewett
  • Bob Levitan
  • Elizabeth Lodman
  • Brenda Nordlund
  • Karen Pfeifer
  • Vickie Rauser
  • Ken & Vicky & Ellen Soderberg
  • Robin & Barbara Trenbeath
  • Peter Funk & Jeanne Underhill
  • Joyce & Eugene Walborn