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Full Monty Cast List

Thank you and BRAVO to everyone who auditioned for “The Full Monty”.  We had some very difficult choices to make.  Thank you all for your bravery.


If you do not find your name on the cast list, please come and see us again at future auditions.  If you do find your name on the cast list, you should expect an email by 5:00PM tomorrow (Tuesday, February 20th) with more specific information about the rehearsal schedule.  Rehearsals will begin next week.

Bravo to everyone!

The Full Monty

Jerry – Brandon Kirchgasler

Nathan – Ian Lovshin

Pam – Tiffany Bushilla

Teddy – Chris Mork

Dave – Steffen Rasile

Georgie – Jillian Newton

Estelle – Jen Jenkins

Susan – Molly Roby

Joanie – Aubrey Smith

Harold – Alvaro Freyre

Vicki – Ty House

Malcolm – Mitchel Wheeler

Molly – Marie McAlear

Ethan – Cody Root

Noah “Horse” – TBA

Jeanette – Dorothy Thiede

Buddy “Keno” – TBA

Reg, Dave Understudy – John Harrington

Tony, Repo Man 1 – Matt Mhoon

Marty, Police Sergeant – Dennis Small

Gary, Repo Man 2, Minister – Loren Gustafson

Betty – Sarah Scott

Dolores, Dance Instructor – Ada Stepleton



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