Grandstreet Theatre

Auditions for Getting to Know..Once Upon a Mattress

Audition Dates -April 3rd or 4th
6:30-9:00 PM

Grandstreet Studio

These auditions are open to all students in our community ages 9-16.  At the audition, students will sing a short selection from a song from the show, read sides/scenes from the script, and learn some choreography for a short dance/movement call.  Please follow the following 4 steps to help you have a successful audition:

  1.  Read – Character Descriptions and Vocal Auditions (follow this link)

2.     Listen to the audition music appropriate to the character you think you are right for

Song Title without vocals with vocals piano music
Yesterday I loved You (Larken & Harry) Harry, Larken VB
The Minstrel, The Jester, and I (King, Minstrel, Jester) King, Minstrel, Jester VB
Opening For A Princess (Dauntless, Larken, Rowena, Lucille) Dauntless, Larken, Rowena, Lucille VB
Shy (Winnifred) Winnifred VB
Sensitivity (Queen, Wizard) Queen, Wizard VB


3. Be familiar with the audition sides

Dauntless, Queen
Larken, Winnifred, Harry
Harry, Larken
Minstrel, Jester
Queen, Wizard
Winnifred, Dauntless

4.  Please download the conflict sheet and bring it to the audition. 

Please bring dates for all commitments from April 10th through June 2nd.  No conflicts are allowed June 5th through 11th.  Please feel free to contact the Director, Dawn Lee Kangas, at #406-461-3114 or [email protected] with questions.

Students may research the show by going to

Reference Recording

Information about the show